If you think that your child might be overweight and want support in a fun, informative environment then BeeZee Bodies is for you and your family.

Who is it for? ( Click your age group for more info)

BeeZee Tots        2-4 year olds

BeeZee Bodies   5-8 year olds

BeeZee Bodies   7–11  year olds

BeeZee Bodies   12–15 year olds

BZ Girls               15-18 year old girls

At least one parent/carer must attend the programme each week (apart from BZ Girls)

How does it work?

BeeZee Bodies is designed to offer practical advice and ideas about how to live a healthy life and help control body–weight.

The programme is designed to enhance self–confidence, break habits that can help change behaviours and learn more about physical activity and healthy eating.

Is it for you?

Parents and children can often feel a bit nervous about getting started, look at what other people have said about their experiences in the Information for Parents section.

BeeZee Bodies was featured on the BBC1 programme Inside Out recently.  Check it out…

Inside Out East BeeZee Bodies

This is a letter that we received at this years graduation from one of the children on the programme and she has put a little note to potential new members about her experiences…Click to open letter


Want to volunteer? Email beckyross@beezeebodies.co.uk


Health Professionals

View information on how we can help people make sustainable changes that help to control weight and improve parent and child self-efficacy and self esteem.
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